Crane & Lift Equipment Inspections.

Crane & Lift Equipment Inspections.

Certified inspection personnel under the direction of professional engineers with over 20 years of certification experience.

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Inspection and certification of cranes and lift equipment is what we’re known for and it’s what we do best. All of our inspections are performed under the direction of our in-house professional engineers, which means that you can be sure inspections on your assets are done in accordance with all applicable codes, standards, and regulations, and your certification documents will meet OH&S requirements and fulfill legislative obligations.

Structural Inspections & Engineering Certification for:

  • All types of mobile equipment such as cranes, personnel lifts, pipelayers, draglines, oilfield rigs, and other types of construction equipment.
  • Building cranes including bridge, gantry, monorail, and jib.
  • All types of under the hook lifting devices.
  • Personnel lifting equipment and manbaskets.
  • Personnel protective structures for rollover or falling objects.
  • Stability and proof load testing of equipment in accordance with the applicable codes and standards.
  • Fall arrest systems.
  • Fire trucks.
  • A wide variety of equipment regulated by OH&S.
  • Review of newly or re-mounted cranes, digger derricks, and aerial devices to trucks.


Crane & Lift Equipment Inspections.

Testing and Service

Other specialized testing and services include:

  • Corrosion surveys and thickness measurements.
  • Hardness testing and material verification.
  • Accident investigation and failure analysis.
  • Field review of new fabrications for general conformance with engineered drawings.
  • Structural steel for buildings and industrial structures.
  • Structural examination of tanks and pump boxes.
  • Structural examination of water towers.



Crane & Lift Equipment Inspections.
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