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What is the 3D Scanner?

We use the Leica ScanStation P40 – High-Definition 3D Laser Scanning Solution. This technology allows us to collect high-quality 3D data that is accurate and detailed, enabling us to custom fit our engineering designs to each individual project.

It also allows us to collect dimensional information with precision in less than ideal environmental conditions, without sacrificing clarity or efficiency during our information gathering process. 

Kova Engineering Expect Innovation - 3D Laser Scanning

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The benefits of using the scanner for your project:

  • Collect data faster and more accurately than with conventional methods
  • High quality, high resolution, usable information
  • Reduces costly field re-work
  • Decreases site visits needed to gather key information
  • Accurate to within 2mm on a single point when compounding measurement error and registration error
  • Laser scans to CAD software
Kova Engineering Expect Technology - 3D Laser Scanning

What can Kova Engineering (Saskatchewan) Ltd. do with the technology?

The latest technology helps us to deliver exceptional speed, range and data quality wherever and wherever required. It is the ultimate solution for any 3D laser scanning task.

3D scanning can be used for projects such as:

  • Reverse engineering and scanner inspections
  • Construction scanning and verification to original design drawings
  • Precise volumetric measurement of stockpiles, holding facilities, and tanks
  • Tank calibration
  • Interference and fit tolerance measurements prior to parts assembly
  • Services for the mining industry
  • Architecture and industrial structure scans
  • Oil and gas scanning
  • Road safety and accident reconstruction
  • Land and building surveys
Kova Engineering 3D Laser Scanning

Accurate, cost-effective results that drive the solutions you need

In many of the industries we work in, there are often circumstances where we need to collect data on existing or brown field locations in order for new equipment or structures to be installed. Previous methods of data collection were ineffective, often costly, and resulted in unreliable and inaccurate results. 3D Scanner technology also allows us to provide architectural, general contracting, or home building firms with exact measurements of existing or new constructions to aid in developing accurate designs with minimal re-work. Contact us today to learn why Kova Engineering is one of the top 3D laser scanning companies in Saskatchewan.

Interested in knowing more?

Kova Engineering Director of Inspection, Steve Stinson

Steve Stinson

P. Eng

Director of Inspection

Steve is a highly experienced professional engineer at Kova Engineering (Saskatchewan) Ltd. with over a decade of service under his belt. His registered area of practice includes analyzing and designing complex structures such as cranes, platforms, and other industrial structures. Steve is a seasoned expert in weld design, non-destructive testing, and quality assurance, making him an invaluable asset to the team.

Steve’s commitment to building lasting relationships has been an essential element of the organization’s success. He invests his time and energy into clients, colleagues, and the community, creating meaningful connections that contribute to the organization’s growth.

In his spare time, Steve enjoys woodworking and creating unique designs that showcase his creativity and attention to detail. He lives in Regina with his family and their three beloved dogs.