Frequently Asked Questions

When is my equipment due for an inspection?

  • In Saskatchewan, structural inspections are due every two years, or 1800 hours of use, whichever comes first.

  • Outside of Saskatchewan, inspections are due one year to the end of the month. (Ex. your last inspection was completed on August 5th of the prior year, this years inspection would need to be completed by August 31st.)

  • Other equipment such as scissorlifts, forklifts, aerial devices, etc. have an industry standard of yearly inspections by qualified personnel

  • Boomlifts, scissorlifts, or any other rental equipment need to have inspections done yearly, in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations.

Can my NDT Inspection be performed every 10 years?

  • NDT Inspection can be performed for the first time after 10 years of service under the direction of an engineer, and every 5 years after that.

  • However, if you do wait 10 years to get your NDT inspection performed, there is a greater potential for extensive repairs. We recommend to book in with us for yearly inspections to minimize extensive mechanical repairs.

What are your methods of payment?

We accept Credit Card, EFT, or cheque. We do not accept e-transfer.

Kova Engineering Director of Inspection, Steve Stinson

Steve Stinson

P. Eng

Director of Inspection

Steve is a highly experienced professional engineer at Kova Engineering (Saskatchewan) Ltd. with over a decade of service under his belt. His registered area of practice includes analyzing and designing complex structures such as cranes, platforms, and other industrial structures. Steve is a seasoned expert in weld design, non-destructive testing, and quality assurance, making him an invaluable asset to the team.

Steve’s commitment to building lasting relationships has been an essential element of the organization’s success. He invests his time and energy into clients, colleagues, and the community, creating meaningful connections that contribute to the organization’s growth.

In his spare time, Steve enjoys woodworking and creating unique designs that showcase his creativity and attention to detail. He lives in Regina with his family and their three beloved dogs.